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Please note that the texts are completely unedited and have been copied from the originals as accurately as possible. Even obvious printer errors have been retained.

Marie-Madeleine Pioche de la Verne La Fayette, The Princess of Cleves. An Historical Novel, 1777 More >

Alethea Lewis, Vicissitudes in Genteel Life, 1794 More >

Anna Maria Mackenzie, Monmouth: a Tale, Founded on Historic Facts, 1790 More >

Anna Maria Mackenzie, The Irish Guardian, or, Errors of Eccentricity, 1809 More >

Mrs. Martin, The Enchantress; or, Where Shall I Find Her? A Tale, 1801 More >

Mrs. Mathews, Simple Facts; or, the History of an Orphan, 1793 More >

Elizabeth Purbeck and Jane Purbeck, Honoria Sommerville, 1789 More >

Catherine Selden, Villasantelle; or the Curious Impediment, 1817 More >

Elizabeth Isabella Spence, The Curate and His Daughter, a Cornish Tale, 1813 More >

Elizabeth (Byron) Strutt, Drelincourt and Rodalvi; or, Memoirs of Two Nobel Families, 1807 More >

Augusta Amelia Stuart, Cava of Toledo; or, the Gothic Princess, 1812 More >

Jane Taylor, Rachel: a Tale, 1817 More >

Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins, The Victim of Fancy, 1787 More >

Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson, The Child of Mystery, 1808 More >

Harriette Wilson, Paris Lions and London Tigers, 1825 More >

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Harriette Wilson

Harriette Wilson, the frontispiece to her Memoirs ([1825?])

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