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    Please note that the texts are completely unedited and have been copied from the originals as accurately as possible. Even obvious printer errors have been retained.

    Penelope Aubin, The Life of Charlotta Du Pont, an English Lady, 1723 More >

    Caroline Baker, Drawing-Room Tales. The Stout Gentleman; The Deserter; and The Broken Heart, [1830?] More >

    Anna Maria Bennett, Agnes De-Courci: a Domestic Tale, 1789 More >

    For further information on Anna Maria Bennett, please see 'Adventures in the Literary Marketplace'.

    Mrs. Carver, The Old Woman, 1800 More >

    Mary Charlton, The Parisian; or, Genunine Anecdotes of Distinguished and Noble Characters, 1794 More >

    Harriet Cheney, A Peep at the Pilgrims, 1825 More >

    Maria Susanna Cooper, The Wife; or, Caroline Herbert, 1813 More >

    Helen Craik, Stella of the North, or the Foundling of the Ship, 1802 More >

    Sarah Green, Romance Readers and Romance Writers: a Satirical Novel, 1810 More >

    Jane Harvey, Any Thing But What You Expect, 1819 More >

    Jane Harvey, The Castle of Tynemouth. A Tale, 1830 More >

    Anne Julia Kemble Hatton, Lovers and Friends; or, Modern Attachments, 1821 More >

    Elizabeth Helme, Magdalen; or, the Penitent of Godstow, 1812 More >

    For further information on Elizabeth Helme, please see < link to Research page >'Adventures in the Literary Marketplace'.

    Anne Hughes, Caroline; or, the Diversities of Fortune, 1787 More >

    Rachel Hunter, The Unexpected Legacy, 1804 More >

    Frances Jacson, Isabella. A Novel, 1823 More >

    Frances Jacson, Things By Their Right Names, 1812 More >

    Mrs. Johnson, Francis, the Philanthropist: an unfashionable tale, 1786 More >

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    Title page of Elizabeth Helme's Magdalen: or, the penitent of Godstow (1812)

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