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    Women's Writing

    Orlando: British women's writing in the British Isles from the beginnings to the present
    The Orlando project, available by subscription, provides entries on authors' lives and writing careers, contextual material, timelines, sets of internal links, and bibliographies.
    British Women Writers Association
    The Association promotes the study of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British women's writing.
    Brown University Women Writers Project
    A research project devoted to early modern women's writing and electronic text encoding.
    Women Writers Networks
    Information about the literary production of European women, and the ways in which contemporaries and literary critics of both sexes responded to these women's writings.
    Celebration of Women Writers
    A large collection of links to information on women writers.
    Women's Studies Group 1558-1837
    A small, informal, multi-disciplinary group formed to promote women's studies in the early modern period and the long eighteenth century.


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    'Long' Eighteenth Century Studies

    South Coast Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Research Group
    SCERRG was founded in 2024 to promote academic research into all aspects of the long eighteenth century. The group aims to facilitate interdisciplinary debate and discussion between researchers and students in the region’s academic institutions. It holds and advertises a range of events, including academic seminars, conferences, postgraduate fora, and public events.
    British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
    The Society for promotes the study of all aspects of eighteenth-century cultural history.
    American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
    An interdisciplinary group dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in all aspects of the period.
    International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
    The Society promotes the growth, development and coordination of studies and research relating to the eighteenth century in all aspects of its cultural heritage.
    Resources for Eighteenth-Century Research
    A guide to eighteenth-century research resources, published by Dr. Stephen Bending at the University of Southampton.
    Eighteenth-Century Resources
    A guide to online resources on the long eighteenth century, produced by Prof. Jack Lynch of Rutgers University.

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    Book History & Bibliographic Studies

    The Reading Experience Database 1450-1945


    The Reading Experience Database (RED) was launched in 1996 at the UK Open University. Its mission is to accumulate as much data as possible about the reading experience of British subjects from 1450 to 1945.
    Centre for Editorial & Intertextual Research
    Founded in 1997 by Prof. Peter Garside at Cardiff University's School of English, Communication and Philosophy, the aim of the Centre is to address various aspects of textual and bibliographic research in English literary studies.
    British Fiction 1800-1829: a database of production, circulation & reception
    A project from the Centre for Editorial & Intertextual Research, this database allows users to examine bibliographical records of 2,272 works of fiction written by approximately 900 authors, along with a large number of contemporary materials (including anecdotal records, circulating-library catalogues, newspaper advertisements, reviews, and subscription lists).
    Cambridge Project for the Book Trust
    The Trust is committed to expand and develop both bibliographical scholarship and public interest in the history of the book.
    Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
    The Society was created in 1991 to provide a global network for book historians.

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    Individual Writers

    Austen Music Collections

    Transcripts of more than 30 manuscripts from the Austen music collections held in Chawton and Winchester, along with explanatory notes and programs from the various performances, complied by Dr Gillian Dooley,Flinders Unversity, Australia.

    Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom
    The Society's aim is to foster the appreciation and study of the life, work, and times of Jane Austen and her family.
    Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA)
    The Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) is comprised of professional scholars and dedicated, well-read amateurs who have joined together on equal ground in their enthusiasm and admiration for the genius of Jane Austen.
    Jane Austen Society of Australia
    The Jane Austen Society of Australia (JASA) is comprised of professional scholars and dedicated, well-read amateurs who have joined together on equal ground in their enthusiasm and admiration for the genius of Jane Austen.
    Jane Austen's House, Chawton
    The house where Jane Austen spent the most productive and successful period of her writing career, now a museum about her life and work.
    Republic of Pemberley
    Austen-related discussion groups and information.
    Aphra Behn Society

    The Society is dedicated to encouraging and advancing research that focuses on issues of gender and/or women's role in the arts of early modern culture, circa 1660-1800

    Aphra Behn Walking Tour of London
    A downloadable PDF walking tour of Aphra Behn's London

    The Burney Society
    The Society commemorates and honours the life and work of Frances Burney.
    The Burney Centre Website

    The Burney Centre at McGill University brings together archival material on the Burney family from around the world. Its holdings include microfilm copies of the major Burney collections at the Berg Collection (New York Public Library), the British Library and the Beinecke Library (Yale University).

    Charlotte Smith
    A paper by Gillian M.Anderton,University of Sussex,analysing some unpublished letters from Smith to her publishers. (The letters were originally held at Preston Manor and are now at the East Sussex Record Office)

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    Other Libraries

    The Women's Library
    Attached to the London Metropolitan University, the Women's Library houses the most extensive collection of women's history in the UK.
    The British Library
    The British Library hold 14 million books, 920,000 journal and newspaper titles, 58 million patents, 3 million sound recordings, and so much more.
    A union catalogue providing free access to the merged online catalogues of 24 major university research libraries in the UK and Ireland plus the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the National Library of Wales/Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru.

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    Aphra Behn's poem on the death of Charles II (1685)

    Aphra Behn's poem on the death of Charles II (1685)

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