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    Images have a text alternative (a descriptive ALT attribute).

    Access keys

    Many browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the website.

    • Windows: press Alt + an access key (followed by carriage return)
    • Macintosh: press control + an access key.

    All pages on this site define the following access keys for navigating the main sections:

    • Access key 1 - Home page
    • Access key 2 - Library and Early Women's Writing
    • Access key 3 - House and Estate
    • Access key 4 - Education and Research
    • Access key 5 - Support Us
    • Access key 6 - News and Events
    • Access key 7 - Visit Us
    • Access key 9 - Online shop
    • Access key 8 - About Us
    • Access key M - Site map
    • Access key A - Accessibility information
    • Access key U - Terms of use

    Other access keys defined on this site are:

    • Access key T - Top of the page
    • Access key B - Back to previous page
    • Access key N - Next page

    Changing text size

    Microsoft Internet Explorer / Firefox

    In the menu that runs across the top of the page, click on View, then from the drop down list that appears select Text Size. A further drop down menu will appear to the side, from which you can choose a size to suit your preference.

    Netscape Navigator / Mozilla / Opera

    Depending on which version of Netscape you are using, you can change the size of the text by clicking on View and then selecting either the Text Zoom or Zoom option, then select either a percentage value or use Smaller/Larger.

    Changing text colour

    If you are using Internet Explororer you are also able to change the colour scheme of web pages by clicking Tools, then Internet Options. From the box that appears click on Accessibility (bottom right of the box). A new box will appear. Click to add a tick in the square next to 'Ignore colors specified on Web pages' then click OK. In the Internet Options box (which should still be open; if not, open it again) click the Colors button. From the box that appears uncheck the box marked Use Windows colors. Now you can select what colours you would like to see used on the website for text, background and links. Click OK to confirm your changes, and OK to close the Internet Options box.

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