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  • Chawton House Library has new residents in the form of 12 rescued battery hens.

    They were collected on Saturday 19th July from one of the Bristish Hen Welfare Trust centres at Epsom, Surrey.

    Emma, Chawton House Library operations manager had to wait in line for an hour before being able to collect our girls, such is the interest in rehoming battery hens, there were still people waiting in the line after her!.

    Most of them are in reasonable condition, they can all stand but most are missing tail feathers. The comb (the large bit on the head) is a very pale pink, however by Sunday afternoon a few of the comb's had already started to redden to resemble their more natural dark red colour.

    February 2024 update. 

    We have had the chickens over 6 months now, with only one chicken passing away. The other girls are now in a much better condition. They are now fully feathered and are producing eggs on daily basis. Most of the chickens are extremely friendly, although some still shy away from human contact, however with time we hope that this will change.

    September 2024 update

    A number of our 'girls' have sadly now passed away, but we are happy in the knowledge that they enjoyed their retirement.

    On the 1st August 2024, twelve more hens arrived from the British Hen Welfare trust, and are settling in very well.


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    The Chickens Ark in the Walled Garden

    The chickens new home

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    Whats this green stuff

    First View of Grass

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    My comb is a handy sun screen

    Natural sunlight for the first time.

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    Look at me, I have room to stand

    Room to stand and perch

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