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Novels On-line is an ongoing project offering full-text transcripts of some of the rarer books in the Chawton House Library collection. These texts, which explore such broad-ranging themes as satire, slavery, marriage, witchcraft and piracy, signal the rich texture and innovative character of women's writing in the period 1600 to 1830. In bringing these little-known novels to a wider audience it is hoped to stimulate interest in these works amongst a new generation of readers and encourage critical scholarship of some of the more obscure texts and authors represented in the collection. More texts will be added in the coming months and critical introductions are being prepared together with information on their authors (where known) to enhance the readings of the novels. Please note that the texts are unedited and have been copied from the originals as accurately as possible. Obvious printer errors have been retained.

We are grateful to the many contributors who have worked painstakingly on the Novels On-line project and particularly to Kate Moulton who co-ordinated the preparation of many of the texts listed below. If you would like to contribute to this exciting venture, please contact Helen Scott.

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