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  • Conservation Programme

    With an increase of visitors to Chawton House Library, a programme of conservation and restoration has been put in place.

    This will be used to monitor general wear and tear of objects in the collection, their condition now and any deterioration in their condition in the future.

    One of the first decisions made by the conservation team was to move a valuable image of the house to an area where it was less affected by sunlight.

    Rooms have had bug traps placed in them to monitor possible insect infestation and these are monitored on a weekly basis.

    These are very basic and cost-effective measures that can be put in place at low cost but are of great value.

    One of the more costly projects will be the restoration of a gesso and gilded picture frame surrounding the portrait of Fanny Kemble. Funding for this project has now been secured from the Historic Conservation Trust, and the work will take place in the spring of 2024.

    In the comming months further information will be placed here regarding the conservation of our objects.

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    Window Handle

    Window handle before restoration

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