Anonymous novels

Please note that the texts are completely unedited and have been copied from the originals as accurately as possible. Even obvious printer errors have been retained.

A New Atalantis, for the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty, 1760 More >

Ashton Priory, 1792 More >

The Corinna of England, and a Heroine in the Shade: a Modern Romance, 1809 More >

The Cruel Husband; or, Devonshire Tragedy, [180-] More >

The Death of Grimaldi, or the Fatal Secret, 1818 More >

De Montmorency: a Novel Founded on Recent Fact, 1790 More >

The History of Miss Sally Johnson; or, the Unfortunate Magdalen, [17-?] More >

The Inhuman Stepmother, or the History of Miss Harriot Montague, 1770 More >

The Lord of Hardivyle, an Historical Legend of the Fourteenth Century, 1800 More >

The Monk and the Vine-dresser: or, the Emigrants of Bellesme, 1809 More >

The Offspring of Fancy, 1778 More >

The Reward of Virtue; or, the History of Miss Polly Graham, 1769 More >

Substance and Shadow; or, the Fisherman's Daughter of Brighton, 1812 More >

Three Weeks in the Downs, or Conjugal Fidelity Rewarded: exemplified in the Narrative of Helen and Edmund, 1829 More >

The Village Coquette, 1822 More >

Yamboo; or, the North American Slave, 1812 More >

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Title page of the anonymous novel The offspring of fancy (1778)

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