The fascinating history and stunning location of Chawton House ensures that there are many opportunities for film and photography. For example, sequences for the 1993 BBC Series, 'The Borrowers' starring Ian Holm and Penelope Wilton, the 1994 series, 'Love on a Branch Line' starring Michael Maloney and Leslie Phillips, and more recently, 'There’s something about Austen', with Alex Kingston, have been shot in the house and on the estate.

Applications from film, TV crews and photographers are welcome. All applications should be made to the Operations Manager. A facility fee is applicable for filming in the House, or on the estate and at least one member of Chawton House staff will accompany all crews during their visit.

We welcome approaches for professional photography at Chawton House. For commercial projects, including advertising and fashion or product shoots, we always charge a facility fee, with the charge depending on the nature of the project, the proposed use of the photographs and the access required. For general photography of the house and gardens, during opening hours or outside our normal opening times, fees vary. In addition, we will usually ask for the right to see the images and possibly make use of such images (properly credited) for our own promotion.

Please apply in writing or email  with as much information as possible about what you would like to do at Chawton House.

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Filming taking place