Chawton House Library

Restoring the House

Now that the first stage of restoration work on Chawton House has been completed under the auspices of the Bosack Kruger Foundation, work is scheduled to recommence this summer for anticipated completion by the end of 2002. In addition to roof repairs, the external works include repairs to windows and stonework, following on from the work already completed on the south range.

New door leading to courtyard

Internal works include structural repairs to floor/ceiling timbers, a general upgrade to meet fire regulations, restoration of panelling, repairs to existing staircases, insertion of additional stairways, repair and upgrade of plumbing and electrical systems, and the installation of information technology and communication networks.

Panelled reading room with rotten panelling

As Director of Chawton Estate, Jane Alderson is responsible for the project planning and direction of the building and restoration work associated with the house and the estate, and the ongoing operations management and administration.

Moving the Collection

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